Girl with large eyes

Think about what your eyes do for you every day. They are very important. They help you learn about your world.

UV rays can be harmful to your eyes. They can cause cataracts to form. Cataracts are like permanent clouds over your eyes, making it hard to see. To fix cataracts, doctors can do surgery on your eyes. But taking care of your eyes now will help make sure you don t have problems later.

The best way to protect your eyes is to always wear sunglasses when you are outside. But not just any old sunglasses will do--you need to make sure that they block harmful UV rays. Check sunglasses at the store for a sticker on the lens, or a tag, to tell you that they are UV blockers. You should wear your shades not only in the summertime, but in the winter too. Snow reflects the sun into your eyes and can make it really hard to see. The reflected rays can also damage your eyes! This is why downhill skiers wear glasses.

You can also wear a hat. But, if you wear a baseball cap, the bill has to be in the front to protect your eyes. Select your hat so that it can shade your eyes from the sun as well as parts of your neck, nose, ears, and scalp. Have you ever been sunburned on the top of your head? It feels really weird, and WOW, does it hurt!