Engaging the rock-skipping frog-catching spirit that lives inside of each of us is at the heart of what we do at the Wisconsin Green Schools Network, and we offer Environmental Education for Kids (EEK!) as student-friendly content that teachers need as a catalyst to connect, explore, and engage in learning outside.

EEK is designed for upper-elementary and middle school students to learn about our state’s natural resources. Content is contributed by many partners from our environmental education community and has more than 900 pages to learn about Wisconsin. If you would like to contribute content or have suggestions for content that could be included on EEK, please contact us!
Originally created by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the Wisconsin Green Schools Network is proud to relaunch EEK with a new, updated, and more playful design. The site receives more than 400,000 visits annually from all over the world. 

Content on this site may be used for educational purposes. Please use the following citation using the information available on site: Author Last Name, First Initial. (Published Year, Month Day). Page Title. EEK! - Environmental Education for Kids. Retrieved Month, Day, Year, from |LS| URL|RS|

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