Folding an origami frog

Today's origami figures begin with the simple folds first creased centuries ago. Mastering the basic folds, the valley fold and frog base is the first step in creating origami.

Just about any kind of paper can be used for origami: newspaper, typing paper, wrapping paper, recycled paper, foil-backed paper or traditional origami paper, which is brightly colored on one side and white on the other. Complicated figures require a thin, crisp paper for best results. Thicker papers hold creases better, giving a clean line to simple designs. For this frog origami, you'll need a 3 x 5 card (like a recipe card).

The most important thing to remember in choosing paper is that the dimensions of the sheet should be exact. If you're starting with a square sheet, for instance, measure to be sure it's precisely square. Trim with scissors if necessary.

Make your creases carefully, matching corners where indicated. You can get a good crease on folds by using your thumbnail, a spoon or any hard, smooth object.

Use this key as a reference:

Origami folding key

Steps 1-3

Image of steps 1 through 3

Steps 4-6

Image of steps 4 through 6

Steps 7-9

Image of steps 7 through 9

Your origami frog should look like this:

Origami frog

Congratulations! You mastered the art of jumping frog origami.