Collection of mushrooms

Have you ever noticed the cool designs you see on the underside of a mushroom? Each one is unique and different. You can use mushrooms and paint to create some fun mushroom prints. Here's how.

finished mushroom print

Collect the following materials: poster paint, paintbrushes, some shiny paper, a piece of cardboard or newspaper and of course, mushrooms.

Remember, that some mushrooms you find in nature are poisonous. So be careful and make sure to wash your hands when you’re done…or you can use store bought portabellas.

First, break off the stem of your mushroom. You may also want to remove some of the outer cap of the mushroom if it’s covering up the gills. Now, take your poster paint and paintbrush and paint the gills of your mushroom. You can use one color or multiple colors…you just need to make sure you have enough brushes for each color.

press the painted mushroom onto the paper

It’s time to make your first print. Hold the painted mushroom, cap side down, over the paper where you want your print, and set it down gently. Now lightly press down on the mushroom to transfer the paint. You can probably get about two or three prints per coat of paint.

the result of one mushroom stamp

The design from the mushroom’s gills creates an amazing design. Keep adding more prints to make a painting. You can cut some of the mushrooms into quarters to make different designs. Keep on going until you have a colorful creation that you can show off to your friends.