Eagle soaring in the sky
Eagle Silhouette

Read about the American Bald Eagle and how it rises into the air using thermals. Then, with the help of paper, glue, and scissors, you can make a mobile that will let the eagles rise just as they do on thermals in Wisconsin.

cut paper plate

What you'll need:

one white paper plate, scissors, glue, and thread.

Here's what you do:

spiral cut paper plate
  1. Print out the eagle silhouette page, cut out the four eagle silouettes, then set them aside.
  2. Cut the ribbed edge off of the paper plate. Using the middle of the paper plate, start on one side and begin to cut in a spiral toward the center. Each part of the spiral should be about l/2 inch wide. You may want to draw a line to cut along.
  3. Glue the eagle silhouettes along the spiral as if they were circling upward. Glue the eagles by their bodies and bend their wings slightly upward.
  4. With a hole punch make a hole in the center of the inside loop for hanging. Attach a thread and hang up your mobile. If you hang your mobile near a heat source, it will spin and the eagles will look like they are rising with the warm air.
    eagle mobile complete

Caution: Do not hang your mobile so that it might touch a heat source. Remember, it's made of paper and will burn easily.

Adapted by Nancy Schneider, Wisconsin Project WILD, with permission from Susan Gilley, Project WILD Coordinator, Virginia.