Butler's Gartersnake

Length: 15-20 inches

Butler's Gartersnake Habitat Range
Gartersnake Habitat Range

The Butler's gartersnake is very hard to tell apart from its cousin, the plains gartersnake in the seven southeastern counties (see map) of Wisconsin where their range overlaps. The Butler's is usually a little smaller as an adult, but it has markings very similar to the plains gartersnake. It has side stripes that are light yellow to a rich orange-yellow color. Its back is brown, black or olive and it may have a double row of black spots between the stripes. You really need to have a gartersnake expert help you positively identify this species.

Butler's gartersnakes live in wet to dry prairies, marshes, old fields, roadside grassy areas and vacant lots. Earthworms make up most of their diet.