Crawfish illustration

Lake life is plentiful and not all lake creatures are easy to see. Take a look inside the water to see tiny water critters using an underwater scope or use a microscope to find these wonderful creatures.

Play the Aquatic Critter Key Game and learn how to tell these wacky criters apart.

Here's a listing of EEK's top 10 wonderful, wacky, tiny, water critters to help get you started. Once you've learned about these 10, surf around the dichotomous key to see many more water critters.

  1. Crayfish
  2. Fairy Shrimp
  3. Water Flea
  4. Leech
  5. Hydra
  6. Planaria
  7. Nematode or Threadworm
  8. Tubifex Worm
  9. Bristle Worm
  10. Spiny Water Flea (Alien Invader)

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