A Robin perched on a snowy tree
Ice wreath

Are you looking for a fun winter craft that when finished not only looks great in your yard, but provides your neighborhood birds with a snack? If you are, read on.

Find a spot outside where you can work and then take a lid from a catering tray, maybe one from your birthday party or your sister's graduation. Then, take a butter tub filled with sand or dirt to weigh it down.

the materials you'll need

Put the heavy butter tub in the center of the tray lid, like this, so when the ice wreath is frozen it will have a hole in the center.

Next, take some twigs and arrange them in the tray lid so they extend out from the rim. It's cool the way it looks when it's finished and it will give the birds a place to perch when your wreath is frozen.

arrangement of the twigs

Then, take some cranberries and sprinkle them evenly around the lid.

Finally, fill the tray with water and let it freeze.

And, Voila! You've made an ice wreath. Now you can find some twine or a ribbon, tie it around your wreath and hang it from a tree. The birds will perch on the twigs and as the ice melts, they get to eat the berries. Give it a try. It's easy.

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