Icy trees light up by the sunlight
Ice Luminaries

You can light up winter nights with an ice luminary. Give it a try...

Start with a bucket—like an empty ice cream bucket-and a smaller bowl or container. Put a couple of rocks in the bottom of the bucket to make a shelf. Then, put the other container inside the bucket and on top of the rocks a pizza tripod or something to bring the smaller container level with the top of the ice cream bucket.

Rocks in container

Put some rocks inside the small container to hold it down. Then pour water all around it into the big bucket. You can make the water blue or green if you want by adding food coloring. Or, maybe you want to add some glitter? Or how about some berries? Or maybe some orange slices? Or some pine needles, be creative!

Once you've finished adding water and any decorations, put it in the freezer. Or, if it's cold outside, just put it in your backyard.

Now, wait for it to freeze. Once the ice is hard, take the rocks out of the inner, small container and pour in some warm water. That will loosen it up so you can remove it. Then you can turn the bucket upside down in the sink and run warm water over it to remove your luminary. (It's kind of like getting ice cubes out of a tray.)

Blue Ice Luminary

There you go! You have a winter ice luminary for your patio or front steps!

If you want to try making a luminary with a different shape, try this using water balloons.

Put the filled water balloon in a bowl to hold it upright, or tuck into a mound of soft snow and let it freeze. If you put it in the snow, the bottom will freeze last, because the snow insulates it.

If you want, you can pop the balloon before the bottom freezes, and that unfrozen bottom will become the top opening of your luminary where you put the candle.

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