Pollution running out of pipe into lake

You, yes YOU, can help keep our lakes and rivers clean. The Clean Water Act did a good job of reducing pollution from "point" sources, like a factory wastewater discharge pipe. Now, we need to control pollution from what is called "nonpoint sources." A nonpoint source of pollution is one that doesn't come from a single place, but washes off the landscape or blows in the wind and gets into lakes and rivers when it rains or the snow melts. A nonpoint source of pollution might be fertilizer from someone's lawn that has washed off the grass after a rainfall and heads down the gutters to the storm drains. Or, maybe manure from a farm that runs off the field where it winds up in a lake or stream. Watch animation of nonpoint source pollution and visit with a fish manager as he shows you the results of cleaning up streams in the Coon Valley.

Follow the path to cleaner water and read these tips for keeping pollutants out of our waterways.

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