Person using app in field
App icon with bird

The world of apps is expanding rapidly and it seems like there is a new nature app released every day. Even if you get out in nature to get away from screens, bringing a little screen along on some trips can be a big help in educating yourself or your little ones. Identification apps can be a great way to learn new species names while out exploring!

Check out some of these apps:

Audubon Guides – the National Audubon Society has several identification apps (birds, butterflies, mammals, trees, etc.)

Distant Suns 3 – learn about stars and constellations

iBird Backyard Plus – focuses just on backyard birds

Leafsnap – developed by Columbia University and others, this app allows you to take a picture of a leaf and then does all the identification work for you

Tree PRO HD – a tree identification app from Nature Mobile

WeBird – developed by a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, this bird song app helps you identify birds by their songs.

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