"What is a goshawk?" It's a type of hawk called an "accipiter." These are hawks that live in the woods and hunt other birds. They rely on speed and cunning to race through the trees after birds or animals darting on the ground. They are not common birds, but can be found in northern Wisconsin and throughout the northern two-thirds of the United States and Canada. Goshawks live mostly in conifer and boreal forests of northern Wisconsin in the summer. In winter, they fly to southern Wisconsin or go further south to neighboring states where they can find food. Goshawks are sleek hunters that prefer a meal of hare and grouse and will hunt from a perch in the treetops and slice through the forest to catch their prey.

Goshawks are large hawks measuring up to 25 inches long. When they are young, they look like most any immature hawk. They have dark brown wings and a cream head and chest with dark brown stripes in a dotted pattern. As adults, they have a blue-grayish color with a dirty looking white chest and belly. Their head has a black cap coloring with a white eye-stripe. Their eyes are yellow as a young bird and turn red as an adult. Their beak is hooked and yellow between the eyes, but black capped on the end.