Tall oak tree in the spring

Armed with a flexible measuring tape and a ruler, big tree hunters are searching Wisconsin's cities and countryside for champion trees. You can join them.

What is a Champion Tree?

The Department of Natural Resources keeps records of the largest trees in Wisconsin. These trees are called champion trees. This register of Wisconsin's champion trees lists the top ten records of each species and contains a wealth of information about each tree's dimension, rank, and location. You can find out if there are any champion trees near you by viewing the list of champion trees of each species.

How to Measure a Champion Tree

Champion trees are measured by taking a circumference (distance around the trunk) measurement, a height measurement, and a crown (the upper part of a tree) spread measurement. These measurements make up the total points.

Total Points = Circumference (in inches) + height (in feet) + 1/4 of average crown spread (in feet).

You can find directions on how to measure a champion tree at the DNR Web site.

Give It a Try

Even if you don't have any tree champions in your neighborhood, you can still have fun learning how to measure trees. Give it a try.