Milkweed Seeds

Seeds are dispersed, or moved, by the wind, water, people, and wild animals.

Because seeds are found in many shape and sizes, some can travel farther than others. Acorns are large and heavy compared to the small, light seeds of dandelions. After acorns fall to the ground they won't be dispersed far from the parent tree unless squirrels carry them away. A new oak tree can then grow in a place that has just the right amount of sunlight and water. A dandelion seed, on the other hand, is light and can be carried great distances by the wind. This allows new dandelion plants to grow far away from where they started.

How else can seeds be dispersed? Below are some seeds on the move. Match the seed with the way it is designed to be dispersed. (Hint: Some seeds can be dispersed in more than one way.)