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Take this short quiz to find out how you'd do on a day with an Air Quality Advisory. Keep track of your points.

Question 1

It's the middle of July and it's so hot outside you could probably fry an egg on the sidewalk. As you get dressed and decide what to eat for breakfast (probably NOT an egg fried on the sidewalk), you turn on the radio. The DJ announces that there's an "Air Quality Advisory" You:

(0 points) If you are in an area where you hear Air Quality Advisory broadcasts, then you may be in a region with ozone problems. And, yes, the penguins are concerned about ozone - but it's stratospheric ozone, not tropospheric ozone, they're worried about. Browse the site some more, and try the quiz again later.

(1 point) Ozone problems are serious, but they're not THAT dramatic. If they were, then we probably wouldn't need to worry about them, because people would immediately take notice - and take action! Try again.

(2 points) Great idea! Your friends are conserving gas by getting to your house on the most reliable energy source - their own! And you're conserving gas by staying at home, and conserving energy by not using TVs, computers or other electricity-powered devices. Great job!

Question 2

Now that you've remembered that during an Air Quality Advisory day you should cut down on activities that can cause air pollution to form, you begin to plan your day.

Your list of chores for the day includes mowing the lawn. You:

(0 points) Riding mowers, especially when you don't have a HUGE yard, are a waste of gas. Riding mowers also tend to be major air offenders by producing large amounts of pollution. Try again.

(1 points) Good choice. Saving this chore until later (and explaining to your parents that you aren't just putting it off!) means that the pollution emitted by the mower will not be baked by the noon day sun into ground-level ozone. There might be an even better choice, though - keep browsing.

(2 points) This is the best choice! Using a person-powered push mower means that no pollution will be emitted. And it helps you stay fit, too! But remember that breathing the air during an Air Quality Advisory day can be harmful, so outside activities are safest in the evening.

Question 3

Some friends call to ask if you want to go motorboating out on the lake for lunch, or maybe ride around on jet skis all afternoon. Sounds like a lot of fun! You:

(0 points) Actually, every little thing does matter. And if you are assuming that "everyone else" will cut back today because it's an Air Quality Advisory day, what's stopping everyone else from thinking the same thing? Your actions DO make a difference, whether good or bad. Take a look at the other options and remember: "It all adds up to cleaner air."

(2 points) This is a great idea! Canoeing is fantastic exercise, and you can actually pay attention to nature. Speedboats rush by so quickly you don't have time to take everything in, and they usually scare the wildlife away. And the best benefit - no pollution! But remember that breathing the air on an Air Quality Advisory day can be harmful, so outside activities are safest in the evening.

(1 point) This is a better choice than riding them in the middle of the day, but it's still not the best one. Motorboats and jet skis ARE fun, but they do produce pollution. In fact, they can produce so much pollution that the chemicals can stick around in the air overnight and get baked into ground level ozone the next day.

Question 4

For dinner you've decided to have a cookout. You've gotten out all the food, now it's time to light the grill. You:

(0 points) Besides being potentially dangerous, lighter fluid contains chemicals that can be baked by the sun to form ground-level ozone. Think about using alternatives to lighter fluid when you cook out.

(1 point) Chimneys and electric starters are a good alternative to using lighter fluid. They work just as well, and they don't add to the ground-level ozone problem. Good job!

Scoring: Count up your points.

How'd you do?

0 - 2 : You seem to be lost in "Ozone Oblivion." Spend some more time browsing the site to sharpen those ozone skills.

3 - 4 : Not bad. You could use a little brushing up, though. A haze of "Smog Fog" could be hiding the facts from you.

5 - 6 : Nice job. You are well on your way to becoming a "Pollutant Punisher." You will be a big help in blocking ground-level ozone.

7 : A perfect score! Congratulations! You have earned the title: "Ozone Overthrower!