Parent and child planting a tree

April is tree-planting time in Wisconsin. Planting trees can be fun and provide food and shelter for wildlife like birds, squirrels, and rabbits. Plant trees and shrubs after the frost has left the ground. You'll want to be sure and get started before buds begin to open and shoots begin to grow in late May.

Things to Consider Before Planting a Tree

Before you start digging, do a little homework and check out the following:

  • Look up. If there are overhead utilities, plant a low growing tree or find a different place to plant.
  • Look around. Be sure you pick the right tree for the right place. Leave plenty of room for your tree to grow. That perfect spot right next to your house might not be so perfect when the tree reaches full size.
  • Pick a hardy tree. Know which trees grow well where you live. You don't want to plant a tree and have it die because it can't tolerate Wisconsin's winter climate.
  • One more thing. You've picked the right tree for the right place, you've just got one more thing to do before breaking out the shovel. Call Diggers Hotline at 1-800-242-8511. You don't want to dig into an underground utility line, so be sure to have an adult call Diggers Hotline.

Now you're ready to go. Check out the 7 Steps in Planting Your Tree (Leaves EEK!)

Don't forget about your tree after you've planted it. Deep water regularly throughout the first growing season. Allow water to run slowly, soaking the soil, once or twice a week. Don't overwater. From time to time, check it for broken branches, disease, or other problems that may need attention. Have fun and enjoy your tree!

And don't forget--the last Friday in April is Arbor Day in Wisconsin.