Lightning  in the Clouds

Spring is a great time to get outside and see some of the art and beauty of nature. Here's a spring scavenger hunt to help you sharpen your observation skills. Watch for these items this spring as you hike, bike, and play outdoors. When you find one of these items, check it off by clicking on the box. See if you can complete the list before the end of spring.

Good Luck!

Listen for the first thunderstorm.

Find tracks in the mud and identify them. What kind are they?______________________________________.

Look for dandelions in bloom.

Locate a tree that has leafed out. What kind of tree is it? EEK! can help you identify your tree. Try the Tree Key. ______________________________________.

Listen for the call of the red-winged blackbird.

Scope out ants on parade.

Watch for bees buzzing through your yard.

Observe robins laying their blue eggs

Watch for your neighbor planting his or her garden.

Look for kids biking on park trails.

Scope out fish jumping. What kind of fish did you spot?______________________________________.

Listen for spring peepers peeping.

Find violets in bloom.