Tom (male) turkey
  • Last call for migrants: watch for the whooping cranes, swans, hawks, Canada geese and cedar waxwings heading south. Tundra swans are one of the latest waterfowl to migrate and can sometimes be seen early this month along the Mississippi River.
  • While some birds head out of the state as winter approaches, the dark-eyed junco arrives. You may want to feed birds so that you can watch them throughout the winter.
  • November marks the time that white-tailed deer bucks are in "rut.”
  • Snowshoe hares exchange their dull brown coats for a thicker white one.
  • Slugs and snails burrow into moist marsh soil for the winter.
  • Turkey hunters are in the woods hoping to bag a gobbler. Wild turkeys are busy eating acorns, and fruits of trees like maple, ash, pine, and beech.
  • Fish are on the move as they migrate upstream. Watch for the cisco, coho salmon, and brown trout.
  • Watch for lakes starting to freeze over as a thick layer of ice appears. Let us know when the ice forms on your local lake, river, or bay.
  • Black bears begin settling into dens for a long winter's nap. Learn how other animals spend the winter snug in the snow