Recycling seperated into different catagories
  1. Take small portions of food and go back for "seconds" if you are still hungry. Put leftover food in reusable storage containers to eat later.
  2. Buy or make up your own "picnic basket" that includes reusable cups, plates, and silverware. Look for these items at garage sales.
  3. Buy a lunch box and be cool. Get your friends to use lunch boxes too. Pack your food in reusable containers instead of waxed paper, sandwich bags, or aluminum foil. It will stay fresher and will not get "squashed"!
  4. Collect and recycle aluminum cans and plastic bottles. Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to keep a light bulb lit for 12 hours!
  5. Use both sides of a piece of paper when writing letters or doing homework. If you only need to use one side, save the paper in a "reuse" box for future use. Make your paper last twice as long.
  6. Use a pencil and erase any mistakes. If you need a perfect copy, practice on one of the papers from your "reuse" box and then copy it over.
  7. Save your old clothes for a garage sale or give them to a charity. If they are ripped or torn and cannot be repaired, then use them for cleaning rags (cut off and save the buttons first).
  8. Litter is everybody's problem and responsibility. Do your part by picking it up and disposing of it properly, perhaps even recycle it.
  9. Get a library card and use it. Books and magazines can be used many times by the whole community instead of just once by you.
  10. After you buy a small item, take it home in your pocket. You do not really need a bag. If your items are too large for your pocket, then bring a reusable shopping bag.
  11. Buy in bulk or buy larger packages and put the amount you need for school or snacks in reusable containers. Buying in bulk is usually cheaper than buying individually wrapped servings and requires less packaging.
  12. Use a hand towel for drying your hands and dish cloth or sponge for wiping up spills. They can be cleaned and used again instead of being used once and thrown away.
  13. Save energy by turning off lights, radios and stereos when you're not using them.
  14. Make your paper airplanes with a piece of paper from your reuse box and save the clean sheet of paper for writing.
  15. Save broken crayons in a can for future coloring or art projects. Buy a crayon sharpener to make points on round edges.
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