Smooth Greensnake

Wisconsin status: common

Length: 14-20 inches

This snake is often called the grass snake because of its green color. The smooth part of the name comes from its unkeeled scales which give the snake a sleek, smooth look and texture. This beautiful little snake is one of only five Wisconsin snakes to have unkeeled scales.

Smooth Greensnake Habitat Range
Smooth Greensnake Habitat Range

The bright emerald green color of this snake makes it easy to identify. In northern and central Wisconsin, adults are sometimes a lighter, pale yellow color. But, no matter what color the adults, the young are olive-green upon hatching.

You'll find these critters throughout most of Wisconsin in prairies, oak savannas, open areas in pine barrens and grassy areas along forest edges. They like to feed on insects, grubs, and worms.