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Luna Moth

If you see a fluorescent green, large moth in the moonlight, it's probably a Luna moth. Look quickly, the adult Luna moth only lives for a week. The Luna moth is a type of giant silk moth fantastically colored pale green with a green, brown, and white "eye" on each of its wings. It has long, sweeping lower wing-tails. The moth's wings span from 3 to nearly 8 inches across. Check out their featherlike antennae and soft long-haired thorax (body). You'll find them in almost any area with deciduous trees, hanging out near lights at night.

The luna caterpillar is very large (3 1/8" long), green, hairy, a yellow stripe on each side, and spines on its back. Caterpillars eat leaves from hickory, walnut, sweet gum, birch and persimmon trees. They make a leaf cocoon on the ground.

You'll find Luna moths and their caterpillars living in the eastern two-thirds of North America.