Turning the page of a book
An illustration of a young girl reading a book

Exploring Winter

By Sandra Markle, Atheneum, 1984

This book is a collection of winter-time activities which include stories and facts about animals and activities to build a snow shelter, weather measuring equipment, and puzzles.

In the Snow: Who's Been Here?

By Arthur Doros, Scholastic, 1991

This book shows you tracks and signs left by animals including the raccoon, duck, frog, black bear and people.

Keep Looking

By Millicent Selsam, Macmillan, 1989

As you turn the page, a new animal is added to a picture of a country home in the winter.

Look to the North

By Jean Craighead George, Harper Collins, 1997

This book describes the growth development of a wolf pack. It describes month by month the family life and social roles each wolf plays through the seasons.

Mousekin's Woodland Sleepers

By Edna Miller, Prentice-Hall, 1970

As he searches for a new home, Mousekin, the whitefoot mouse learns how many forest creatures spend the winter.

An illustration of a young boy reading a book

Owl Moon

By Jane Yolen, National Braille Press, 1990

This book describes a winter night under a full moon when a father and daughter trek into the woods to see a Great Horned Owl.

The Secret Language of Snow

By Terry Williams, Sierra Club/Patheon, 1984

Examines twelve different types of snow and snowy conditions and the words of the Inuit people of Alaska. You'll learn about what snow is made of and how snow is formed. This book also discusses how snow affects plants, animals and people of the Arctic.

The Winter Barn

By Peter Parnall, Macmillan, 1986

A run down old barn is home for many animals including snakes, porcupines, cats, and a skunk during the sub-zero winter of Maine as the animals wait for spring.

Winter is Here

By Jane Belk Moncure, Child's world, 1975

This book describes the sights, sounds and activities of winter.