Pile of old magazines
Recycled paper beads

It's raining and you're stuck inside most of the day. What should you do? Well, here's an idea that will reuse some of the paper in your house and keep you busy for awhile. You can make recycled paper beads and turn them into a bracelet or necklace. Here's how.

You'll need to find the following items: brightly colored paper from magazines, gift wrap or catalogs; some white glue or glue stick; scissors; and some string, yarn, or fishing line.

Bead making supplies: paper, scissors, pens, glue

Once you've selected the paper you want to use, cut strips of paper that are 1 inch wide and 4 inches long. Now take your glue or glue stick, and spread it over half of the strip. Roll up the paper, starting with the unglued end. Make sure as you roll it that you leave a hole in the middle so you can put your string or fishing line through it.

Bead ankle bracelet

It's pretty easy. Keep going until you have enough beads for your bracelet or necklace or both. Once you're finished rolling beads, it's time to make your jewelry. String your beads onto your yarn, string or fishing line. Once you feel like your necklace or bracelet is long enough, try it out and see. If it is, it's time to tie it. You can tie it on for a permanent necklace that you'll have to cut to get off, or buy a clasp that you can find at most craft stores.

That's it. Your project is finished. Now, if it has quit raining, it's time to head outdoors!